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Private nursing home care worker "little old"

"Low wages, work hard, do not attract young people. "Journalists to investigate several private nursing homes in Texas found that nurse practitioners at present over 40 years of age generally, which accounted for more than 50 years to three or four. Nurse shortage, "the old man" retired people was common.
Texas domestic services company official told reporters: "the domestic industry only a 10% to 15% will select old-age care, part of which is engaged in a one-to-one service, few are willing to go to private nursing homes. "Low salaries, heavy workload, poorly defined responsibilities is the main reason few people are willing to go to private nursing homes when nurses. Fortune
Texas apartment President Zhang Li-Hai said that nurses in the nursing home are too long in the tooth now, literacy is not high, rarely professionally trained nursing training. A nurse at the Hospital told reporters: "I was doing this for 3 years. Rely mainly on experience. "He believed that if you work hard, work hard on the line.
a nursing home worker less, meant sharing every nurse on the task that you want to. "A nurse to take care of an average 8-bit man, far from the provisions of 1:3, 1:5 standard. "Fortune in dezhou city apartment President Zhang Li-Hai told reporters:" it is difficult to recruit nurses, more serious problems are unable to retain people. Offering apartment for two years, the nurse responsible for 2-for-11. "He said," nursing home care worker is temporary, they are old, and there are small, illness, a third generation was born for the elderly will become the reasons for resignation.
dezhou ageing staff Zhang Xiaoqing, told reporters: "the private nursing home care are older is an indisputable fact, low wages, work hard, do not attract young people. "
introduced, according to Zhang Xiaoqing, Decheng district pension institutions total 16, private institutions accounted for 11, but genuine nurse job qualifications are still rare. "People who want to engage in this industry have been less if more certified requirements, fewer people engaged in the trade, I'm afraid. "He said.
"to resolve care worker professional skills in 2011, the Government also provides nurse training, pension or is it a public good to a great extent, needs the joint efforts of the Government, social and old-age care institutions. ”

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