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Qingdao "baby sitter" skills competition contest champion bonus million

Organised by the City Council, municipal Home Economics Association host of "loving big sister" 12th professional skills competition, Qingdao Cup "baby sitter" "domestic service" implement competition 15th, this is also the first to include two types of vocational skills competition. It is understood that this won the game, bonus will get 10,000 yuan and "domestic champion" of the title, has attracted many players sign up.
15th, in loving big sister practice base of vocational training schools, 62 women who wore uniform competition clothes are divided into several groups working on domestic service competition. It is understood that the competition is divided into "domestic service" and "baby sitter" two types of games, this is the city to include two types of vocational skills competition event. Municipal Home Economics Association President Chen Shuhua introduction to obtain various types of first contestants will receive cash awards of 10000 Yuan, the second to third place won the 5000, 2000. The types the first player, granted by the municipal organizing Committee of "Qingdao domestic service work champion" title.
"for the elderly to turn light when every one zhilianggexiaoshi at a time. "In the domestic service implementation exam, players as well as hands on practice, but also answers to questions posed by the judges. It is understood that domestic service in the morning of the day the exam is divided into three main projects, clothing iron, cooking shows, old-age care. "These tests are often used by players in the actual work of, is no stranger to them, but from the scoring criteria and to practice a certain gap. "The judge told reporters.
Terre des Hommes in another room--loving big sister baby sitter at a time within the game is brilliant. In many people's minds, baby sitter is women's work, but on the day of the match reporter discovered a man dressed in a pink apron, which is also the morning baby sitter only male players in the player. After the game a reporter learned that the man called Zhang Wei, 35 years old, two years ago to care for her newborn son in a nursery teacher training, after the birth of son, Zhang Wei became a "Dad". Now Zhang has obtained intermediate nursing certificate, and at the municipal labor and social security technical school part-time baby sitter trainer, "men's baby sitter I don't find it very strange, but I think men's baby sitter for the baby's growth, especially baby boys are more helpful. "Zhang Wei has also been endorsed by the judges of the pitch now," Although the number of men engaged in the baby sitter is not a lot, but does increase than in previous years, the male baby sitter more welcomed by parents. "
" baby sitter services were introduced in 2003 Island domestic service items, in the domestic industry ' gold ' highest service. "Municipal Home Economics Association President Chen Shuhua said baby sitter is mainly carried out for 0-3 infant care, nursing, intellectual development, so the baby sitter is very high, its skill games are even more in the spotlight, the game has attracted 175 players, showing a trend of young, highly educated.
/> journalists month toward eight-five, well ahead of three months
with the economic and social development, people's growing demand for domestic services, it has also led to "domestic shortage" appears. Reporters found that as the domestic industry gradually standardized, confinement, the baby sitter also as "safe", at eight nights and five from their employer's House to go to work every day. Want to book a gold medal month, baby sitter, require at least 3 months in advance of the public, some of which are booked six months in advance to, domestic workers ' wages are rising, sky-high month, domestic workers are not uncommon in the market.
"my daughter-in-law wanted a gold medal month, ran several couldn't find results. "The afternoon of 15th, in loving big sister mother and child Ningxia road Nursing Center, 56, Ms, the public is anxiously consult staff month. Tian said that her daughter-in-law, November is going to have a child, looking for a gold medal month to help look after the children, results found that the gold medal month sister-in-law already booked by December. "This year is the year of the Dragon, Dragon babies get together was born, confinement is particularly sought after, especially experience in rich gold medal month is hot, set can be set to at least 3 months in advance, so we often encountered newly pregnant daughter-in-law, mother-in-law to give order confinement. "Loving big sister infant care center manager Liu says, not just the month are hot, baby sitter's schedule also full, also need to be booked two months in advance.
change the concept of professional enhancement of vocational skills/> reporter learned, gaps around 30% the domestic industry in this city, Home Economics Services presents the high-end, diversity and so on. How indeed can alleviate the current "shortage of home economics"? Chen Shuhua said that judging from the present situation, labor shortages exist in many industries, such as the hotel and catering industry, factory labor shortage phenomena, "this can't be solved overnight." Chen Shuhua said, you first need to change the business ideas of the public, treatment of domestic industries are now rising, demands for quality are improving, many young, highly educated people can absorb, which specializes in high-end domestic industries.
"from the situation, improve the quality of existing practitioners ' skills, is a top priority. "Chen Shuhua said, now domestic industry more senior talent, like gold months sister-in-law, and nursery Division, and domestic workers of treatment are is high, so can on primary practitioners more for training, upgrade they of grade, and service level, both can upgrade they of wage treatment, also can attract more talent joined this industry," this is we held domestic skills contest of original, is hope players can through game more communication exchange, more learning, and improve skills, meet high-end customer of need. ”