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Domestic service industry in the ascendant lit founders passion

Baptism after decades of reform and opening up, improve people's living standard, and makes more people know how to enjoy life and gradual rise of the service industry is also confirmed this point, domestic service began to flourish in this environment. Bring domestic service, we will think the nanny, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, nannies in the traditional sense has not qualified for all domestic services. Moreover, the "nanny" this word does not appear in formal occasions. In August 2000, the Ministry of labor and social security, China has been "Babysitting" this trade was officially renamed "housekeepers", become 90 must be one of the Certified Professional.
domestic service everywhere in daily life, including leisure, family programming, match clothes, hygiene, beauty salon and family environment and improve the quality of life of all services. Domestic services cover a wide, involving a wide variety of jobs and employment groups widely, for people to choose from a larger space. Domestic services for part-time for full-time, available for workers to choose, from laid off workers and employment groups to graduate students. Entrepreneurs can according to customer demand different types of business, contract-related business. Domestic service, is a good business choice.
business library ( survey found that due to the large number of foreigners living and working in China, looking for high-quality demand for housekeepers has increased because the required domestic staff know foreign languages, and computer knowledge, entrepreneurs can build high housekeeping service center, meet the needs of such clients. At this point, the entrepreneur needs is a group of highly educated professionals. For many graduates there is discrimination "nanny" this myth, entrepreneurs on recruitment information can be detailed to explain the exact meaning of modern service industry, so students have a deeper awareness of domestic service industry, and are interested in the industry, like the "sunrise industry", tie a "nanny"-the family counselor or a family management. Many domestic workers can become Butler, private Secretary, becomes the service object's right-hand man, is it not a job path. Therefore entrepreneurs for the absorption of highly educated people don't have to worry about, in the development of the times, people's ideas are constantly changing, it is also social progress.
venture library ( think, domestic service industry of full aspects development, as provides senior domestic service personnel which a support smaller of branch, will is entrepreneurs rise of a good timing, wants to venture, will do first a "eat crab" of people, run in other people of front only can in shortest time within achieved success venture, for himself writing life in the of brilliant.