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Home economics skills match the month to see who "coax baby" skills strong

"Baby nice aunt you pinch back rubbing his legs, baby come on stand up. "" Stretch out your arms push the pedal leg, baby sleeps comfortably drink milk "... ... On November 3, 378 people aged from around the province, ranging from confinement, beauty hairdresser, pedicure therapists, domestic workers, gathered in Changan road, Xian, or rush to arms is not the full moon "infant" massage to spell "craft" or skill applied to foot massages, household cleaning.
    morning, reporters at North Chang an road XI ' an in a tourism technician school, saw dozens of women of varying age, gathered in an empty Hall, in different ways, "coax baby". "The baby is the most obedient and aunt massage comfortable. Like that crossed leg, shank strong very quickly. Aunt gently pinch pinch baby of back, baby soon on can looked up find mother has...... "saw a group a group or old or less of women, per person arms in the hold with a cute" Doll ", side softly whispers to arms in the baby talk, side kept with hand touch children of different parts, or help children stretch leg, and bent bent, or gently massage children back of spine and cervical. The degree of gentle, loving all mother's appearance, its massage techniques and proficiency as an experienced massage therapist.
    just when reporters puzzled, a middle-aged woman who stood next to reviews gave away Secrets: these women are not here to joke, but from across the province to XI ' an, the game "coax baby" player, which is now popular on the domestic market of "confinement". The middle-aged woman told reporters that reporters now see this scene, is called for in the rules of the game "for pregnant women and infant care" practice, the "touching and massage" and "passive", through skillful techniques of massage and language exchanges, let your baby excited, strengthen the immune system, make it physical and mental health.
    during, reporter note to, in this huge of Hall in, not only gathered with number bit competition "coax Doll" craft of months sister-in-law, many dressed in various workers clothing of foot therapy Division and domestic cleaning workers, also scramble to re posture: side, foot therapy pedicure Division a word row open, in guest of feet Shang "played"; there, a group group of domestic workers mobile "dinner guy", squat in Hall of floor Shang game waxing wipe floor......
  &Nbsp;  subsequently, the reporter learned that the players are participating in the "2012 XI service worker skill competition." 378 players of the field entries, all from XI 1146 enterprises among the more than more than 3,000 entries, after the preliminaries, semi-finals link selection of finalists, hairdressing and cosmetic 272, home economics classes, 106.