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Beijing to improve pilot domestic social security subsidies

Insurance, salary, on old pensioners. Yesterday, the city of human social security Bureau, the municipal Commerce Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau last year, "seven" policy on the basis of jointly issued a circular on encouraging homemakers service enterprise business management pilot opinion (hereinafter referred to as the views) and encouraging homemakers service enterprise system management. In future, Government will pilot domestic service enterprises with 5-year social security subsidies, subsidies from the 50% a year, increase subsidies for the first year 100%.
it is understood that the business, considering the previous domestic enterprises, they are responsible for to the maid and nanny jobs, and charges a fee, nanny salary issued by the employer, the forms in which the nanny as "stragglers" strong liquidity management of disorder. The introduction of the new deal is to be regulated on the domestic market.
in fact, in Beijing last year, "seven" explicitly encourages domestic enterprises to adopt "employee" management, enjoy with the local trade unions the same treatment, and domestic service companies to management the implementation of employee social security subsidies. And the opinion in "seven" on the basis of proportion to social security subsidies and subsidy adjusted interval. Accredited experimental enterprise, during the term of the labor contracts signed with domestic service, in accordance with the "first pay up after" principle, entitled to no more than 5 years of social security subsidies, subsidies from the annual 50%, adjusting for subsidy for the first year the actual paid 100%, the second annual subsidy of 80%, the third annual subsidy of 60%, fourth year, five-year subsidy 50%. Subsidies interval from the "year one" were replaced by pilot enterprises apply selected every six months or apply once each year, to reduce pressure on Enterprise payment Fund.
views and support of pilot enterprises in the chain operation, to join the operation, pilot projects invested by enterprises, store renovation, purchase of relevant equipment, facilities, information systems development, in accordance with the requirements of national domestic service system construction, priority funding not to exceed a total investment of 50%.