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After the winter, many friends turn up the heat "reduce", here are some items stay away from heating equipment:
paint: brush warm air piping of water based paint should be used instead of oil paint, acrylic paints, and finish are very good heat-resistance, more environmentally friendly.
wet clothes and wet towels: wet clothing should be rinsed clean, otherwise the dirt, detergents will also be water vapor released into the indoor air. In addition, if the heating is not clean, it can easily be contaminated, contaminated clothing.
food: milk, soy milk does not heat too long by 10 minutes.
furniture and appliances: heating close to the desk, sofa, will affect the cooling, preferably with at least 10 cm distance. Too close to the computer, TV, heating, electrical electronic components are also easy to aging.
in addition, heating cover, accessories, sundries, toiletries did not fit in the radiator.
life tips, hope for all of us!